Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hudson Park

Well today Joe and I cleaned up the front yard and the back yard. We created a park for Liam and Emily and any other child that comes over and wants to play. It was so rewarding when we Finally finished. Liam loves it. Well he loves the pea gravel, but in time I am sure he won't try to eat it. My parents are out of town in Branson for their 29th Anniversary. Wow I can't believe next year it will be thirty years. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. We love you!! Oh and for anyone who lives in the Benton Bryant area you need to go to Luigi's. My Uncle George told me about it and Joe, Liam, James, Kaye, Shannon, Bill, Claire, and I went there Friday. It was so good and it was packed. I recommend Manicotti, House Salad with their own Italian Dressing, and Triamisu. Yummm. I didn't have any leftovers. Have a great night!


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