Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby # 2 is on the way!!!

Yep we are having another child. We are so excited and surprised. I am guessing I am between 4 and 6 weeks but not sure yet. First Dr. appointment is July 3. We will know for sure when my due date is then. It just so happened that today Liam started saying "Baby" He was singing baby bumblebee but he said baby. I found out last night and lets just say the control line is lighter than the pregnancy line. So I took another one an hour later just to be sure and yep same thing. I couldn't go to sleep until midnight and for those of you who don't know 10 is usually as late as I can make it. Okay the reason I even took the test is because my face started breaking out and the last time it did that was when I was pregnant with Li-Li, and my mom gave me one because she just happened to have one from someone else taking a test. Anyway long story short we are expecting another child in late January Early February and will know more info after July 3.


Melissa said...

Yipee! GIRL VIBES...GIRL VIBES...GIRL VIBES...Elliot needs a partner in crime!

Beach here we come!