Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blankets Galore

Okay so most of you know I loved my "Blankie" so much so that I used it until I thought Liam might get tangled up in it after my hospital stay with mastitis. Anyway so Liam has always loved to have a blanket and any kind. We had bought him one so he could get attached to it, but he didn't do that. Instead my son has to have about 3 blankets now in his bed to go to sleep with. But finally he is putting his self to sleep again. It has been since November. Anyway what ever works is great with us and he has weaned himself to only one nap a day and to like 4 bottles. And sleeping through the night.Yeah!!! He is also taking steps everyday and the other day he took 2 and then stood there. So I guess he knows he is almost one and had a little more growing up to do. Love you monkey man.