Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Step, Taco Bell, and House

Big thing Liam did on May 1st. He took his first step and yesterday he would do one step and then get down and crawl. I am so proud!!! Second thing is Taco Bell. As most of you know I love Taco Bell well so does Liam. He ate all the meat and cheese out of a soft taco and then decided to eat some of the tortilla. And lastly we own a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the one we have lived in for 3 years that was my parents. They gave us a wonderful deal on it so we were able to buy it. Thanks mom and dad for doing that for us. So now we are in the real world with having to pay house and car notes. But it is all worth it. So this has been a big week for us. Today Stephanie aka Auntie Steph. graduates from UCA so we are going to her graduation. We are so proud of you! And she already accepted a position, so she begins work on Monday. Anyway here is a picture of Liam enjoying his Taco Bell.