Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Mom!

Today is Mother's day and my mom's Birthday. So I hope you had a great one mom. I did.

Liam did this card for me at church today! I love it!!!

Okay so a lot of you probably were worried about the tornadoes last night. Well I made myself sick (really) worrying about it. Joe probably would have slapped me if I got anymore goofy. But I was on the phone with my mom because our power went out (Surprise, Surprise) like it always does when the wind blows more than 10mph anyway she told me they were saying one is forming over hwy 5 well I was looking out our back door when I told her we HAD to go . The clouds were totally turning I don't think I have ever actually seen it with my two eyes. It was amazing but so scary. So we got Liam and were under the mattress in the hallway and I could see out our bedroom window and started freaking out because I could not see our tree that is like 15 ft away from our window. Liam was starting to get scared because of the way I was panicking. So needless to say either I went so crazy that I couldn't see the tree or there was one actually trying to form in our backyard. No nothing happened back there so who knows. All I know is Joe can't fit in our hallway with the mattress unless he lies down. So we now have to think of a new plan. Hope you all were safe. Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies!!


Geo said...

Is the butterfly a BUTT print?