Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Liam has gills!!

Okay so Liam is a fish. He loves the water. Joe took him last week when I was out for Cindy Grant's birthday and he told me how much Liam loved the water. I knew he loved our itty bitty pool and bathtub but I am pleased that he loves the big pool. My only concern is that he wanted right in the deep end as soon as we got there today. So I don't want him to be scared but cautious. Here are a few pictures Joe and I took. MawMaw and PawPaw James were there also. He will be one year old tomorrow!! I am going to cry all day. I can blame it on pregnancy hormones, which knock on wood, I haven't had much of I don't think. I will be posting some pictures of Liam tomorrow for his birthday post. Oh and Happy3rd Anniversary Joe. Thanks for my two babies, those are the best gifts in the world. Love you!!