Thursday, August 28, 2008

Score: Liam 0 Pavement 1

Okay so yesterday we got home from the library and Emily had her book, Liam his and me 9 others. Liam went walking to the front door right behind Emily and all of a sudden I heard a loud BAM.... no scream, worst feeling I have felt as a mommy yet. It wasn't Emily she was at the door it was LiLi face down, not moving, or screaming. I throw all the library books every where and pick him up. He was holding his breath. My nephew does this and passes out. I wasn't going to be able to handle that so I blew in his face. Which then lead to a deafining scream. All he had was red knot on his forhead and scratched up knee. It didn't bring blood out but to the surface. So I called my mom and she just told me to keep him awake for a while. Emily and Liam piled up on Joe and my bed and watch the Wiggles. He had a wash cloth on and I gave him some ibprofen, which then Emily said she needed medicine. No I didn't give her any just an extra medicine dropper. They were to cute. So Joe ask if he cracked the pavement. I did look but nope his head is hard but not that hard. And now to the Intelligender test. Well I am just confused. It doesn't take a lot to confuse me but when you follow the directions perfectly and get an orange result(girl) with green stringy thing(green is boy)then I am totally confused on the result. I have emailed the other two who I know that have done the test to see if they had a result like this. I will let you know. Anyway I waited 15 mins to pick it up. Suppose to change with in 5 and for sure tell you the result by 10. If that is they case I am having both. So 15 mins I pick it up and it is green. Boy!!!! I have emailed the company as well to see if they have seen this before. Let you know what they say as well. For now Joe says "So you are telling me we are having a baby." Yeah I think so. If it is Isaac I am so sorry for calling you a girl and for saying you didn't have any boy parts. Don't hate me.