Saturday, August 23, 2008

We think pink?!!!

Okay so here are the pictures from today. It was a new machine and the baby was so low. In my pelvic bone so it was really tough to get a good shot for the gender. We did not see any boy parts but still aren't positive. Everything looked good from what we can tell. The heart had the four chambers, brain had two halves, two arms, two legs, feet which they kept crossing especially when they were sleeping, two hands with 5 fingers on each hand, They kept rubbing their head and eyes. Right when we saw them they gave us a thumbs up, no joke. Okay so I am just going to say she the rest of the time. She wanted us to look at her face the entire time not her bottom half. My mom got a good profile shot which Liam never cooperated on that. Anyway the profile looks so much like Liam. I know they are siblings but the features look so much alike. It might be like my brother and I, we could be twins. So after 30 mins or more she wasn't going to give us any better picture then what we got. So I won't buy any pink until the ultrasound next month. So you can still vote if you want or change or vote. Lets hope next visit they are higher up and want to show us something. Okay now Liam saw the baby on the screen and laid his head on Joe's shoulder. It was so sweet. He is going to be a great big brother. When I ask him where the baby is he lifts up his shirt, my shirt or Joe's shirt. So not sure if he really gets it or not , but he rubs it so at least that is sweet. Okay that is all for now. And my cousin Niki thinks she is having a boy!!! She is due a couple of weeks after me so hers is still early also. I have not thrown up for 5 days now!!!!!!!! I am smiling so much more and just feeling great now so thanks for all the prayers for me and my family.