Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a ......

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are her pictures from today.

the first picture is of her face and arms, second pic is she is upside down so you see her spine, Third is her mouth - she was drinking, and last picture is her girl parts.

Liam was wearing his "I 'm the Big Brother" shirt today.

Everything looked great with her and yes we have a name that is not going to change. Chloe Roxanne Hudson

Thanks for all the prayers about us having a healthy child. I know she isn't out yet but I feel better being able to see everything. Oh so if you want to spend $35 then do the intelligender it doesn't hurt and is a fun thing to do. But all three of us had the opposite gender then what it predicted. Ha! Liam and Emily went to the library this week and we read the story "Princess and the Potty" which is so fitting because Emily is potty trained. Yeah Emily!!! So they made crowns for their craft. Here they are wearing them. Oh and Emily informed me that she is not a princess but a Queen! Yes your Majesty.

And last but not least. My dad turned the big 5-0. Whoa he is so old. Just kidding. Here is the only picture I got of him tonight sorry for the bad picturing taking I was holding Liam. But here is one of us at my wedding. Happy Birthday Dad. We love you!