Thursday, July 2, 2009

Liam's 2nd Birthday

Okay so this is a little late but I wanted to write it on the blog since it is sort of a journal for me. On June the 5th he turned two, but we wanted the party on the weekend so we had it on June 6th. It was a Bug Bash. He told us what kind of party he wanted so we got on the internet to look up ideas.

  • First they decorated bug doorhangers

  • Next was presents

  • Then they each had an anthill(sand mound)with all kinds of fake bugs in it, they each had their own bug collector to take home with them.

  • Worm roundup was next: Joe, Liam , and I dug in our backyard for worms the day before we had about 40 worms

  • Threw water balloons- this was suppose to be squish a "bug" but Joe let them throw them instead

  • Ate dirtcake and sandcake- this is for the vanilla lovers

So I don't think I have updated his stats in a while:

at the 2year check up he weighed 33lbs, was 38 inches, head was 19 1/8 and they had to prick his finger for an iron level check. He didn't cry , I was so proud. He did say eww blood. Okay I think I am finally caught up.