Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Beach

On Monday the kids and I went to the "beach." Liam requested that we go to Choctaw to play in the sand and look for animals. So after Chloe's nap we loaded up and went for afternoon snack and fresh air. It was so peaceful. I love having these kind of times with the kids. Unfortunately the beach was closed off because of the amount of rain we have had, but we found something close to what we could call a beach, just without sand.

Liam climbed "mountains" big rocks, played at the park, made Chloe "rock castles", found some pine cones , ate a snack-he packed a lunchbox with snacks he picked out, and saw one deer.

Chloe enjoyed the rocks more than Liam. She would dig her feet in and finally after 20 mins of playing with them she decided to try and eat some, which meant we were done.

On Tuesday we played outside after the kids had their seasonal flu shot. We weren't sure if they would give it to Chloe since she has so many allergies, but since her RAST test had come back negative they said she could have it. It contains eggs which is something that they tested her blood against. My mom had advised me to bring her Atarax with me just incase she did have a reaction I could give her some. But she didn't and hasn't yet. Neither kids cried when the nurse gave them the shot. Liam knew he was getting a shot and wasn't happy but we talked about what they would do and where and told him after it was over he could have some bubble gum. Well they gave him the shot while he was counting "1,2,3 pinch" this is what he does when my mom gives my Grandy his shot. I just talked to Chloe and she just looked at me like what are you doing. So back to playing outside, Liam had collected some pine cones at the beach on Monday and I had picked up some birdseed that day at walmart so we had to make some birdfeeders.

He loves doing things like this.

And Chloe crawled around in the grass like this

Wednesday we just ran a couple of errands and one of them was to the Clinton drug store. I wanted to be able to drive through to get their prescriptions instead of taking them in the germ infested walmart. So while we were there I saw this headband for $1.00. She isn't that big of a fan of it but I am .

and yesterday before I got her dressed for the morning I took a couple of pictures.

This was the best one I got. It reminds me of my favorite picture of Liam. Also I found this picture of myself when I was close to Chloe's age now. I compared me to Chloe and Joe and I both agreed she does look a lot like me but she has his eyebrows and shape of his head and the Cobb hair color.


Kristi said...

Wow, Chloe does look like you. Crazy, because I don't think you look like that picture anymore. In fact I probably wouldn't have known it was you. Yay, for no reactions, we haven't either so weather permitting we should see you guys Saturday. We are so excited.