Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We went down to Bryant on Friday to enjoy some family time and trick or treating. Friday morning I went to a drive thru flu shot clinic to get  my seasonal flu shot. It was great, quick and easy. They had the H1N1 shots inside for the kids. Joe and I had already made the decision to vaccinate our kids because they are consider high risk because of lung issue. Liam has asthma and Chloe's laryngomalacia and aspirations. So since the line wasn't long I took them in. It didn't take but 5 mins for everyone to get their shots. I must say I was so nervous about the kids getting this vaccine but felt relieved as soon as they recieved it. Well that was short lived. We aren't 100% sure but I am 99% sure that Liam had an asthma attack because of it. They tell you if your kids have asthma that they NEED it ,well he is suppose to have another dose of it in a month but we are NOT getting it again. I know this is just the way he reacted but I wasn't prepared for it to come on like his "croup" does. I said "croup" because of how he doesn't have any warnings for the onset of it and it is like an attack. I feel helpless when this starts happening and so does everyone else around him. Luckily we were staying with my parents and it was cold outside, which were two important factors. My mom had her inhaler we didn't bring Liams because he throws up after using it so I stopped bringing it in the diaperbag. Well I won't make that mistake again. He started barking and having a really hard time breathing about 1:00am Saturday morning. We took him outside and mom brought her inhaler out for him to take some breaths, he coughed and then through up mucus. I debated on taking him into the ER but he had two doses of steroids left over from last time so he had one dose and went to sleep. And warm sweet tea works miracles. Joe took care of Chloe and I slept with Liam. My hand was on his chest most of the night just so I could feel him breathing. My parents were up everytime they heard him cough. So needless to say it was a long night for everyone. He did much better the next day as long as he wasn't running around. And he woud ask(demand) warm tea from my mom whenever he started coughing. She said he figured out that it makes him feel better so he will drink it warm. I guess the zantac didn't work for him so now we are going to have to go back to the doctor for the next step, which is suppose to be a daily inhaled steroid. On Saturday the kids went to Joe's parents and had a great time with the family. I rarely have anytime to myself so I went shopping with my mom and nephew. I bought a few Christmas presents for Liam and ended up giving him two of them. Ha ha!! Then all my family came over to go trick or treating together. It was so great. Here are some pictures I got of them. Chloe did great for her first time trick or treating. Liam is a pro now!!

Liam-skeleton, Landen- pirate, Julian- Brobee

Uncle Matt and Liam being silly!

aww...kisses, Liam use to only give hugs and kisses to mom and dad, not anymore!

Me and Vittoria with some masks I got for $1

Chloe the ladybug

Julian, Chloe, Liam, Bo, Landen, Preston, and Brynlie