Thursday, November 12, 2009


Chloe had her first oreo and loved it!!!

This was when Liam had his first oreo and now his has had at least one million


Last week my nephew Landen came to spend the night. Here they are during their nap. Landens hand is in Liams mouth. Ha!!! They were worn out. I had to wake them up to take
Chloe into the doctor for what I thought was a ear infection. But nope her ears were perfect. She did give me something to dry her up and antibiotic script just incase she needed it over the weekend since we don't have a clinic that is open on the weekend. She started it yesterday and is already so much better. Antibiotics are wonderful except for the dirty diapers that come with that.

Here they are at bathtime. They had a blast with bubbles!!!


Kristi said...

I can't believe you gave Chloe an oreo and with clothes on!!! You are a better braver mom than me. If I am going to give my girls something messy, which they have never had oreo's yet, then I strip them down. Looks like she enjoyed it.

BritMBoykin said...

Linsey these pictures are so sweet thank you so much for taking care of Landen he had a blast I love you Brit