Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chloe is one!!!!

Today is Chloe's birthday. During the first few months of her life I really thought this day would never get here. It was so hard with all of her issues and it wasn't that many just the wait of getting everything checked out and "fixed." Anyway today has been a good day. She had a hashbrown and banana for breakfast, taco bell for lunch, spaghetti for dinner , and CAKE!!! Liam and I made a cake for Chloe last night and so he has been waiting all night and day to give it to her (or eat it himself). Of course my battery died while we were singing happy birthday so I had to get more batteries out of a toy close by. She loved loved loved digging in her cake, well she didn't like putting her hands in it, more like her face. It was priceless. Then she got to getting pretty messy and full so it was time for her bath. Hopefully she will sleep good tonight but she hasn't for the past few so I am not holding my breath. Her party is this weekend in Bryant so I will update as soon as we get back. One more thing, right before Liams first birthday we bought our first house well....we put and offer in for another house and signed a contract with the owners last night so looks like our kids get the best presents ever. Houses for their first birthdays!! Ha!

Liam was suppose to ice the cake but instead I caught him eating the icing!

This is the house!

Happy Birthday Chloe we love you very much!!!