Monday, January 4, 2010

More Snow!

We got more snow last night! I think it is like an inch and half. We haven't gone out this morning yet but I am sure we will soon. Joe school called last night around 5 and said school was closed for tomorrow, so he is stuck with us for another day.

I took some pictures of Chloe this morning in her birthday dress that K-K bought her. My mom bought her the shoes and Joe and I  bought two pair of tights. One is yellow and the other is stripes. 

I can't believe she is almost one!!!

I know this isn't a good picture, but look at her foot!!! When we go for her check up next week I am getting that checked out. She is very pigeon toed, but turning her foot all the way in does not bother her one bit. She is standing up and taking steps so she isn't behind because of it but she might be doing more or even walking on her own if it wasn't for this.

Playing peekaboo. One of her favorite games.

Last week we started her on a milk based formula. Remember how the soy went? She broke out and had some really bad diapers. Well so far she is doing great on the milk. We still have some cans of Pregestimil just incase but it looks like we will be able to keep her on milk. YEAH!!! She goes back to the GI doctor in March so we would know by then if she is still having problems. And Chloe will go have another swallow study done in Feb. I am pretty sure she is still going to have to be on simply thick because she still has watery eyes, coughs, and occasionally has milk coming out of her nose, when she drinks her bottles. But she doesn't mind the thickened liquids at all. Joe is taking the Liam out to play in the snow so I have to go entertain Chloe for a while.


Kristi said...

I would definetly ask about her feet too. That is great news about the milk. Hopefully she has outgrown the major allergy. Her birthday dress is cute, and my favorite is the yellow tights. Her shoes are too cute as well. Enjoy your snow. I really wished I lived up north a little more!