Saturday, November 13, 2010

November so far...

We haven't been doing a whole lot around here since it is still football season. I don't think I have mentioned how good the Clinton Yellowjackets are doing, but they are currently in the playoffs. We won our conference for the 2-4A with a record of 9-1!!!! I am so proud. The kids love going to the games and cheering for the Yellowjackets. Liam does most of the chants, but the other day he was doing one while playing with his little football guys and was saying "Defense, Line it up" instead of "Defense Fire it up" Chloe will yell for Joe the whole game first she will start out by cupping her hands around her mouth and yelling "Dad, DAd, DAD," if he doesn't turn around, which he won't because he can't hear her or take his eyes off the game then she will say "Joe, JOe, JOE!!" It is the cutest thing ever. Well she does a lot of cute things:
  • She now has to carry her blanket around which is called "canny blankie" because it is a blanket with candy pictures all over it and she has to have it wrapped around her like a cape. Carries her "monkey" that she got in June from Lexyn and Brittyn's birthday party.
  • When she wakes up from her nap in the afternoon she is a grouch so I started sitting with her on the couch and watching a cooking show until she perks up. What we watch is Paula Deen and as soon as she sees her put that butter in she will say "butta" in a real deep voice it is hilarious I will try and film it soon. Liam is very quick to tell her that it is called "BUTTER"
  • When she dances , which is a few times a day she will swing those arms around and get down and do this booty dance. I don't know how much longer that will be funny , but for now she is innocent and as cute as can be.
  • Loves to watch shows just like her brother. They both LOVE movies.
  • LOVES gum...she can chew gum all day long and when that one looses flavor will spit it out and ask for some more "num"
In just 2 more months she will be 2!!! I can not believe it. I still can't decide what to get on her cake but right now it is Dora or Blues they even do Blues Clues anymore? Oh that is something else she does that I need to video...the "think" song on blues clues.

We went to Branson last Saturday with KayKay and PawPaw James and on our way Liam just out of the blue said "I want to go turkey hunting!" Um where did that come from we have no clue, but then he made an even crazier statement which made Joe and I think of Ryan R.(Angie if you read this I think you know why we thought of him) "I hope we don't see a T-Rex!!!" We laughed so hard that he was thinking about seeing a T-Rex. I guess that is something guys think about and what to be prepared for, Right Ryan? haha Anyhow so we go shopping and out to eat...Thanks Kaye and James we had a great time!!!! Then we went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and his workshop. Well guess what Liam got to do while he was there? Turkey Hunt! One of the fun things they could do is shot a red ryder bb gun...which was a lazor one and shoot at was a turkey. We thought that was great that he got a chance to make one of his dreams come true. Thankfully we didn't see any T-Rex in Branson!!

I will hopefully take some pictures of the kids soon and post them on here but for now here are some from Halloween( Liam was a ninja and Chloe a cat), James' 70th Birthday, and Branson.

PawPaw James' 70th Birthday