Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The rest of Chloe's Birthday

The cake was made by Liam and myself, but I iced it way to early and have zero artistic ability so it is just a yummy blob of cake. It is something Liam and I did last year so I really wanted the tradition to continue.

Present time. She got one baby doll from Joe's parents and one from my parents. Great minds think alike!!!
2 Princess crowns- one from my parents and one from the Parish's (best neighbors ever), one Eloise book, 2 Fancy Nancy books, one barbie, some "lips" chapstick, playdoh cake maker kit, and a lady bug bean bag chair. OHH and 2 outfits but one is a summer and one is going to have its own post because I have to take lots of pictures in it. Too cute!

This was last year, sadly I didn't take a picture of Liam eating icing this year, but he did! haha some things never change. And I hope they don't!!!

Happy Birthday Chloe! We love you and can't believe you are 2. You are a very very special little girl with a great big heart. Can't wait to see you grow, just wish it wouldn't fly by so fast. Oh and update on potty training is...............she is done with diapers forever...well till she is 80 or so.haha. Really she was ready and only sleeps in a pullup at night. 90% of the time it is dry when she wakes up. Also as long as she isn't busy watching a show she will get up and go on her own!!!! I am so proud of this accomplishment.