Tuesday, February 1, 2011


On Thursday Jan. 27th we left for Kansas for a short vacation/softball convention. Joe and his assistant coach in softball saw this convention and wanted to attend. After lots of suggestions thanks to Amanda the kids and I were ready for our vacation. We left around 10:40 and got there by 5pm. Checked into the hotel and then drove to eat at the T-Rex Cafe. It is at Legends Mall and the kids, Joe, and I really enjoyed it. When we first walked up you could her roaring or growling(whatever dinosaurs do) and Chloe was scared. She warmed up about it after she saw it was fun and fake stuff. We sat in a clam booth so the kids had a lot of room to get their wiggles out. The food was really good and the prices weren't to bad. I would recommend it for anyone who has children that like dinosaurs or aquariums. Here are some pictures of this part of our trip.

These last few pictures were an extra that you have to pay for , but they had a blast. Dinosaur fossils were under the sand and the kids got to brush off all the sand to uncover the fossil. Then there were computers that they could play on. We had every intention of letting them do a build a dinosaur(like build a bear),but each found a different thing they wanted. Chloe ended up with a pterodactyl straw for $3.99 and Liam with a dinosaur egg that will hatch after 12 hours of being placed in water for $3.99. Joe and I didn't complain about them wanted something so reasonable!!haha
This is what Liam saw after we let it sit in water overnight.

On Friday before Joe had to be at the meetings we took the kids to Monkey Buziness. It is just like a Jump Zone but our kids haven't ever been to one. They have been at some friends birthdays that had these inflatable slides and bounce houses and Liam loved it after he got use to it. Well here he was so happy and immediately started sliding and jumping. Chloe didn't know what to think and mainly stayed in the toddler area with little slides. They had fun for about an hour and half.

Our sleeping arrangements since Chloe has packnplays was 2 double beds and of course they did great. They are too cute and growing up so fast.

I didn't take anymore pictures :(   They went swimming in the indoor pool twice. Liam still loves swimming and Chloe had to warm up to it so she just stayed on the steps most of the time. We ate at Red Robin which is wonderful. Central Arkansas needs one!! The atmosphere there is very kid and family friendly. Each child gets a balloon!! Which is a big hit with our kids. We also ate at Shoguns one night, that everyone loves. We got way to full and sadly didn't have a fridge in our hotel room so leftover were thrown away. Ugh. The rest of the time Joe was gone the kids tried to drive around using our Garmin, but it would take an 8 mile trip almost an hour because it would go through the town. So when we finally made it to one destination the Wonderscope(like the Wonderplace) they were closed due to maintenance on the place. We tried to go to a movie, but would not have had enough time before Joe was done for the day. So they settled on a new toy from toysrus which I couldn't find:(    So Target was very obvious and we made our way over there. The trip was great and everyone enjoyed themselves. At least when we go back someday I will know the area a lot better!! And since it was school related all of Joe's meals were paid for and our hotel for 2 nights which was a blessing. On our way home we decided to stop in Branson(since it is on the way) for some Olive Garden and Disney Store for one more toy!! Sadly it was closing time so I didn't get to shop,but really didn't need to. OHHH while we were at Lengends in Kansas they had an OldNavy and my mom had mentioned a huge sale going on...I had a $50 giftcard. I ended up with 9 shirts, 2 pair of pants, Liam got 4 shirts, Chloe 2 shirts, Liam shoes, and 5 gifts that I can't say on here. All that was less than $50 !!!! I was so happy. The most I paid for an item was $4.00 for corduroy pants.