Monday, May 16, 2011

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

This Saturday Joe's cousin's daughter got married. She requested our kids be in the wedding. I was really nervous they wouldn't walk when it came time, but they did. Chloe was hesitant at first but threw her flower petals down the first half of the isle and forgot to the second half. Liam did wonderfully. It was great getting them dressed up and seeing them in a wedding. Here are some pictures from the wedding. My camera's lens was a little dirty and I didn't realize it. I guess that is what happens when you have two kiddos who play with your camera.

While we were down for the wedding our niece decided to be baptized! Claire the one dancing with Chloe. Joe had the honor of reading out her accomplishments and why she choose to be baptized. We are so proud and so glad we were there to witness this decision!!
We have been busier than ever because we added to our family on Wednesday. Our kids hate dogs, but Liam has been wanting one?! So KK and PawPaw James said they would buy him one for his birthday. We went to and looked for a puppy who would be small. There is a town called Leslie that is about 20 mins from us and they had a lot of dogs and puppies. So we saw this one and Liam wanted him. His name was Scotty then Liam called him Sharky but the neighbors have a schnauzer named Buzz so they thought it would be cute to name him Woody. Like from Toy Story. Buzz and Woody! Chloe hated him at first, but now loves him and so does Liam. He is a great fit to our family.

He is part mini schnauzer, pomerainian, fox terrier. He is a great puppy. Doesn't bark much, loves to take naps, only had a couple of accidents! Pretty much stays right with us without using a leash. Hopefully we can train him and he will continue to do  this well.