Friday, January 25, 2008

Sleet and Fever

Well we had some sleet today. I ran outside for 2 seconds to take this just so I could remember the Liam's first touch of winter weather. Also last night Liam started running a fever of 102 and pretty much only goes down with Motrin (thank goodness he is old enough to have it now). He slept in between Joe and I last night, so needless to say Joe and I didn't sleep very well. This morning I took him into the doctor and they did a nasal swab for the flu, which he doesn't have. They drew some blood from both of his arms because the nurse dropped the first tube, which went on Liam, me, and the floor. The way he looked at me when she was drawing blood the second time was heart wrenching. After all of that he must just have something viral that will pass in a few days. Then he came home and slept for 2 1/2 hours. Poor little man. Oh but they did weigh him and he is almost 25 pounds. They grow up so fast!!!


Joe said...

Liam was running fever and it was sleeting outside. What a great combination. But Liam was still able to say his favorite word "Dada" or how he sometimes says it "Ada".