Friday, March 7, 2008

"I Can't Get Up!!!"

"I Can't Get Up!!!"

Okay that is a famous quote from the "Christmas Story", but that is how Liam probably felt. He was only in a coat, mittens, and hat, but he couldn't do anything but flip over to his belly. Anyway this is officially his second snow, but USA drugs ruined his first pictures. Long story short the lady wasn't watching the pictures go through the machine and the chemicals were off so all my pictures (4 rolls of film) look like there is no flash being used. Ugh... Oh well at least they weren't super important. Yes they did reimburse me quite a bit. Anyway Liam loved the snow and wouldn't look at me while taking these pictures. He was to fascinated with the white stuff falling from the sky. Man I use to hate the snow, but now I was the one wanting to go out and make a mini snowman. Kids change your life in so many ways.

This blob is a snowman without a head. Liam knocked his head off.

And no the snowman isn't round, but all those years of me not going outside have hindered my snowman making skills. And I made this on top of the car. OH well. Hope you enjoyed this white day. Don't forget to set you clocks forward one hour tomorrow night.


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