Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Zoo

Liam, Joe, Lucy, Auntie Shan, Claire, and I went to the Little Rock Zoo today. Ohh the weather was incredible. Claire and Lucy helped push him around to see the animals. I love having helpers. Liam's favorite animal was the monkeys. Not big ones, but little ones.

Here is the gang minus me

Liam and Lucy at Cafe Africa

Us at the elephants

Liam had enough and yes my son is to big for this stroller we are upgraded soon. We had bought this 2 months ago and he wasn't so snug in it.

Well almost enough one more thing, the carousel


Melissa said...

Hate that we couldn't make it! The Aveeno diaper cream is working great though!!! Thanks for the hint. Playdate at GG's tomorrow? I'll call you.