Saturday, April 5, 2008

10 Months already?!

Today Liam is 10 months old. We can't believe it. Here are some things about him:

  • Has 7 teeth

  • Weighs 30 pounds (goodness gracious)

  • Picks his nose

  • Dances to Bob Marley

  • Loves Baths, Freeze-dried yogurt, Elmo, the great outdoors, to wrestle anybody in his path]

  • Can basically crawl as fast as Joe or I

  • LOVES his dog Opie

  • Loves to go to the Library with Emily

  • Can finally hold his own bottle only if laying down

  • He loves to drink out of straws not sippy cups

  • Cruises on every single piece of furniture

  • Likes to ring the doorbell and turn off lights

  • Books, Books, Books (thanks to Emily)

He is just such a good little boy. Yeah he still has to be rocked to sleep, but I don't mind because soon enough he won't want us to help him do anything. We love you monkey man!


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