Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miss Em is 2

Emily is 2 today!! I can't believe it. Here are a FEW things she is doing:

  • Can count to 10 in English

  • Can count to 4 in Spanish- She learned that from Dora

  • Knows her colors

  • Knows her shapes

  • Can color really well for a 2 year old

  • Loves for someone to read her a book- she will be reading soon I am sure

  • Says "thank you" "please" Everytime

  • Talks in sentences more and more everyday

I could go on and on about what she can do, but she is just a sweet girl who is like a big sister to Liam and I appreciate that more than anything. She loves him, but at the same time doesn't want him bothering all of her stuff. Just like a big sister. I don't have the digital camera today so I am going to have to post the picture of her party last year. Happy Birthday Emily! We love you!


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