Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Look what Emily can do!

I was playing play dough with Emily today and it was time for lunch so I let her continue to play while I cooked and I looked over to check on her and she was tearing play dough into pieces ( Her daddy taught her that) but then I saw her putting the pieces into her little table. Where the screws are I guess she thought that would be a perfect spot for play dough and it is. I let her do it because it isn't hurting anything and just to see her working so diligently at something amazes me. I love to see kids working things out and trying new stuff without someone giving them the idea. Anyway here are a few pictures of the moment.

Also Slug eater just went to sleep on his boppy tonight so I snapped a picture of that too. Ohhh and we had Chinese tonight he also loves fried rice. Yeah Shoguns here we come. For those of you who don't know about me and Shoguns I can eat 2 orders of Fried rice and my most of the rest of my dinner. I look like I am 6 or 7 months pregnant after we eat there. Have a goodnight!!