Sunday, July 27, 2008

13 weeks and counting

So my mom figured out maybe why I have been throwing up so much. I have had head congestion so we figured maybe all the drainage and nosebleeds have been contributing to my throwing up. Guess what? Three days with antihistamine and prayers. No throwing up. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a new woman. I get to enjoy Joe and Liam and not just sit on the couch and watch them having a blast. So thank you Joe for being such a wonderful husband and dad. Anyway Liam is doing so good. He is actually listening again and following directions. Like one day I said put you cup on the table and come to me. He did just that in the order I ask. I am amazed at the things kids pick up on. Liam is also about to have 5 or 7 more teeth. This week Joe and his dad have been working out in this heat everyday except Tuesday (I will tell you why in a minute) on our house. We are getting ready to paint the outside and all the boards on the back of the house had to be replaced because of water damage after 23 years. So our house is getting a makeover and last night I got out there and painted one coat of primer it took 2 hours. But I was feeling good and felt like at least I got to help a little on the house. Okay so back to Tuesday, My mom watched Liam for us while we went to my Dr. apt. and we heard the heartbeat. It was so fast and strong and I have only gained one pound. But I am sure I will catch up this next month and gain all that I missed gaining last month.
Here is a picture of me at 13 weeks.
OH and we saw the "Dark Knight" it is very good in my opinion.
This is how peaceful Liam is right now!! OH big milestone was he has been off the bottle for almost one month now. We didn't offer or show him any and so we did put a little strawberry flavoring in his milk cup so he would enjoy it. Anyway hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to everyone who prayed for this morning sickness to go away. 8 weeks of throwing up takes a toll on a mommy.