Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Kinda Back

Well I am having Good days along with the bad ones. So maybe since I am getting closer to the 2nd trimester some of the throwing up will tapper off. Anyway so Liam has been officially walking for a couple of weeks now. He will still crawl some but not much. It is so fun to see him walking down the hallway instead of crawling. He had shots yesterday so I thought they would make him sleepy like they normally do but no actually he was up a lot last night. Ohh and he is so doing whatever he wants even if we tell him no. If you make this noise he will stop but I want him to listen when we say no. I am sure he will start to listen again very soon.

Here is a picture of Isaac or Chloe, this was at 8 weeks so their arms and legs aren't really defined then.

Liam enjoying sand in Florida. I did the same thing my first trip and we have the picture but I am not sure which picture box it is in at the moment.

Sea turtle down at the pier. There was also a "dog fight" - airplanes from WWI or II Joe told me but I forgot. Anyway they did all kinds of tricks and Liam was so into watching them.