Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Hudson # 2 is kicking my butt!!!

So we have been home almost a whole week now. Florida was great. Liam had a blast at the beach and in the pool. Mommy on the other hand was gagging all the time. For something so small it can do a lot of damage to a mommy. I don't have pictures developed yet but will try and get this done this weekend. If you click on Halford's blog to the right you can see some awesome pictures that Melissa took of all the children including monkey man. So Joe has had to be a single parent this whole week. Tuesday I did have a dr. appt and had some more blood work done for all the pregnancy related stuff and for more testing of 5ths disease because Liam did end up getting it when we came back home he had a rash we he would get hot so it really does look like someone slapped his face. Now it is just on his arms and legs. Poor kid hasn't got to go out much because of it. Anyway so my first test was neg. but since he got it they wanted to test it again. They haven't called so maybe I didn't get it this time either. Ultrasound on Wednesday I would show pictures but they are in the expedition and Joe is gone with it. It had a great heartbeat 163 beats so that was great to get to see and it just looks like a blob with arms and a head. My official due date is February 1st. I haven't really got to do anything with Liam this week so please pray that this vomiting will die down some because I literally am throwing up if I am not lying down. So it has just been rough. I hate toilets I could tell you the brands of toilets in some restaurants around here. Okay enough of the pitty party today was better I could actually function most of the day. Promise to get pictures soon and post them.


Melissa said...

Feel better soon! I wish I were there to bring you some pickle snow cones! Make Joe go get you that and some french fries with sweet & sour sauce for me. Love you!

Emily* said...

I hope you feel better! And if you ever need anything just call me. The boys and i are always out and about if you need anything!

*i got a new blog the way*

love you!