Tuesday, August 19, 2008

16 weeks

I had my 16 week check up and the baby was moving around like a crazy person. So we heard the heartbeat and then swoosh....so I don't know what the actual count was but I felt relieved that she thought it sounded great for those 10 seconds. I love feeling my little one move and am sad to say this will be the last kid I get to have the privilege of carrying in my belly. But we are complete unless God decides to surprise us again. I am now going to be on prevacid? because she is thinking the throwing up might have been burning up my esophagus (ulcers) since I didn't have any gallstones. We will see if it works for me. Joe wasn't here to take the belly shot so sorry it isn't so great. My next appointment is September 16 and that will be 20 weeks so I should have the big ultrasound done then but hopefully we can get Debby to let us in at her work before then to see what I am having. Until then I am putting a poll up for you all to vote and tell me what you think I am having.
Oh and here is a picture most mommies will appreciate. Liam got into the cotton ball bag and had a WONDERFUL time. It didn't hurt anything so why not let him have his moment of quiet fun.