Monday, August 18, 2008

A few sizes to small!

So I found this robe in his bathtime basket and decided that he could wear it. Next time I will look at the size first,but after he put it on it was staying he loved it. We will call this he "summer" robe and yes it was a 0-9months robe and yes he is 14months, but wears 2T or 3T. Anyway I just had to take a few pictures of Liam in his mini robe while talking on his cellphone (yes Joe got him a cellphone so now my son has 2 , but neither of the two can make phone calls). I am sure you all wish your kids can be as cool as ours and pull off this 6 sizes to small robe. As for me and little squirt we are doing okay today no throwing up. I think for the past three days I have had stomach flu or something of that nature, so if I have been in contact with you or your child I am truly sorry if they start throwing up but I wasn't sure if it was that or just pregnancy related. We have our 16 week check up tomorrow, so I will update tomorrow and tell you all how it goes. I feel squirt all the time. Thanks for all the prayers for me and feeling better please continue to do so . Oh and last week Liam finally cut another bottom tooth. He has had three since March so it was way past time. He amazes me everyday with what he learns. Animal sounds have been an on going skill he has been learning but he knows so many now and climbing( we don't have stairs so he is a little later than some kids but now climbs everything). Okay enough bragging enjoy the pictures.