Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chloe's room

Well I have officially started doing somethings in Chloe's room. Today Liam helped me paint what was his small shelf. Now it will be hers so we had to paint it. Yes I let a 15 month old help me paint. NO it didn't last so long but he was such a helper. I told him who it was for and he kissed it. Ohhh so sweet. The only thing was I had just painted the spot where he kissed it. Finally he got board with that so we had to take a walk and let the paint dry anyway. Here are a few pictures of him helping. And here is Chloe's bedding, drapes, a few accessories, and paint color. It is called Ballgown pink and her theme is Shabby Chic. As soon as I paint the changing table I will be on the look out for some cute pulls. I don't know exactly what I want but I am sure I will find it. Hopefully next weekend we can paint her room and get her crib and chase lounge?(spelled wrong sorry)(if it will fit)which is almost like lime green. So just a punch of color for or little girl. Okay and one more thing about Liam. Last night he was falling or something and Joe said "safe" and did the hand signals for it(baseball sign)and "out" and wouldn't you know my son did exactly those two signs and said them. He showed Emily today and she loved it. So future painter or Umpire????? We will see. Something is coming UPS to us tomorrow and I am so excited. I know what it is but I will show you tomorrow. I am going to cry when I see them.