Thursday, September 4, 2008

A day of First's

Liam has his first MOLAR!!!
I knew he had to be cutting something and finally I felt it today. So a total of 9 teeth.
Also he had PB&J for lunch today. He loved it! Liam would go Ummm..... Ummmmm... lick the jelly and then devour the entire square. I finally am feeling well enough to cook some dinners.
So this was my first Chicken Spaghetti. It was so good. Yummm.... The baby started kicking a few mins after I started eating it. They must have loved mommies cooking for once. I am getting out cookbooks trying different recipes because I am tired of the same old stuff I fix. Joe never complains but when I make something different and good then he lets me know. Send me some of your favorite recipes please.
Here is a cute picture of Liam wearing Joe's new cleats. He found them for $10 instead of $140.
Go bargain hunter Joe.
Anyway they are a size 14 so Liam has a little while before he will fit in them. Joe said he was in 8th grade, so if he has a big foot like his daddy then just 13 more years.


Melissa said...

Your so kids both HATE pb&j! I think its a texture thing. So they stick with turkey and cheese. Their new love is pizza though and we introduced them to Krispy Kremes this week! I know... I am terrible!