Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Zoo Day!


First let me say how excited we were that it was going to be free. The news advertised this and maybe the paper. Anyway we left here at 9:15 and drove around Little Rock till 10:15. No we weren't lost and no traffic because of the Razorback game wasn't so bad, it was we didn't bring cash and you had to PAY to Park for the ZOO. $20 at the first place we went, I called mom to see if there were any other ways to get in, Yeah found one for $5 but we only had $3 in cash.Ugh...drove to find an ATM. Ha I guess places aren't trust worthy around that part of town for a bank to have any. Finally go into Walgreens and there was a stinking ATM. So LiLi was great for the hour of driving he didn't mind as long as the music was on. Get to the Zoo and wow all the animals were out and petting zoo was opened for the first time I can remember. Here are a few pictures of Liam enjoying his day at the Zoo.
The giraffe was almost eating out of the girls hand.
Look Daddy a big turtle.
The petting zoo sheep. Loved them.
Tried feeding them but mommy had to do it.
If you zoom in on the picture this sheep needed a good brushing and maybe braces. Lets just say he had some bad British teeth.
No that isn't Liam with the bear but he is in all the pictures I have.
Leaving the zoo there was a zoo keeper with a bearded dragon. He didn't touch it.
All the cousins made it as we were leaving. Preston, Bo, Landen, Liam, Julian -the sun was in his eyes.
Worn smooth out.
We are leaving in an hour to go to HSU and UAPB game. Oh and Arkansas Baptist won their first ballgame last night. 42-0 Go Eagles. They looked very good. Liam loved watching the cheerleaders and danced of course. He also ate sour straws with Claire. He ate 4 of them and drank a cup of Dr.Pepper and this was at 9:00 and no sugar and caffeine don't bother my son's sleeping at all.