Tuesday, October 14, 2008

24 weeks and Pumpkin painting

So Liam painting a pumpkin on Saturday and had a blast. He did so good. Liam loves to do art stuff especially painting things. And here is the picture of me today at 24 weeks. We had an appointment today for me and Chloe. My glucose test was today and I failed it again by 6 points and last time with Liam I failed by 4 points, and had to do the 3 hour test, but today my doctor said everything looked great so she passed me. Yeah!!! Her heart rate was 144 slower than his was so I guess the lower the heartbeat means boy is wrong in my case. What was so funny is that my son danced to the beat of his sisters heartbeat. It was so funny. Most of you have had the pleasure of seeing my son dance because he does it so often, this was the wiggly dance. I wish I had a video camera today. Anyway we go back on November 11 and then I start going every two weeks. I can't believe it is flying by so fast. Joe's mom is out of the hospital as of yesterday and doing well. She looks so much better and relaxed. Everything was caused by this medication called Methotextrate so if you know someone on it just watch them closely. Thank you for all the prayers for her and our family. God is Great!!!!!