Friday, December 5, 2008

18 Months old!!!!

Today Liam is a year and a half. I can't believe it. Joe and I were talking about it last night and he has just grown up so fast. He is picking up on most things I am trying to teach him. He can count but he doesn't say one , he just starts at 2 ,3,4,5,6 that is as far as he has made it where I actually understand what he is saying. We ask him what Santa Claus says and "HO, HO, HO" with a really deep voice and yesterday he found an owl in a book and asked "what's that" I told him an owl and what they say, so all day long he was walking around going "who, who" He did it for Joe all last night. Liam is taking his shirt off and sometimes his pants, which then leads to the diaper. My cousin Melissa has her share of poop stories because of the twins taking off their diapers and now they use a "belt"- duct tape at nap and bedtime. We aren't there yet but he did play in the bubbles of my bath water the other night so I told Joe just take his diaper off so we don't ruin a good one and sure enough Liam walked off and went into the other bathroom and squatted on the brown rug. So I yelled at Joe that I think I am smelling some poop and sure enough monkey man had pooped on our rug and Joe had to clean it up since I was still enjoying my bath. So lesson learned we will just let him keep his diaper on no matter what. Some other things about Little man is he is wearing a size 5 or 6 diaper, 3T clothes most of the time, 7 shoe- about to have to get an 8 and not sleeping through the night. Ugh..... neither Joe nor I wanted this to be a habit but we can't let him cry that long anymore. He actually doesn't have a runny nose or cough so I don't want him to start that in the middle of the night because we are making him cry it out. Kristi got a sound machine with a projector in it for us and he loves it so going down for naps and bedtime is easy just having him stay in there is the part we are struggling with. He is a puzzle addict. Loves them no matter how hard they are. If it doesn't go in right the first time he says "No " and tries again till he gets it. Then he has to do two claps for himself. Still dances up a storm and man do I wish I had his rhythm. Playdough is everyday after lunch and dinner is over and can draw circles all day long. Coloring on the actual picture not just where ever. And last thing I can think of is how much he loves his Bible. Mary Beth and Kasie are his Sunday school teachers and he had to bring his bible to church Sunday so he could sing this song about patting the bible. I don't know that one but he loves it. Oh sorry one more thing, in a couple of post ago there was a picture of my tummy(Chloe's home) and Liam kissing her well the other night I completely lost it , I mean tears just rolling down my cheeks because he was sitting between Joe and I on the couch before bedtime and took out his pacifier (yes he still uses one of those, but only at bedtime or close to bedtime) and kissed Chloe. We didn't ask him he just did it. So I am so glad to know that we have a caring and for the most part gentle son. I am sure I will be sharing some stories along the way of how he isn't being very nice but he is having his sweet moments now. Here are pictures from last year at this time and here are some from today.