Monday, December 8, 2008

32 weeks, Church Baby Shower, 2 Birthday Parties, Church Christmas Party,and Circus

Busy Weekend!!! Friday Joe, Liam, and I went out to eat and then went shopping for the two birthday parties we were going to on Saturday. Our niece Claire turned 8 and had her birthday party at the Circus. It was great. There were tigers, elephants, dogs, and cotton candy!!!
My son loves his cotton candy. We hadn't had lunch at the time of the circus (11:00) and I don't know what the price of hamburgers were but lets just say he enjoyed his $10 bag of cotton candy. It did come with a clown hat though.
I think Claire's favorite was the elephant. She got the big elephant at the gift shop. Liam got a baby elephant and a coloring book. Thanks Auntie Shan for the stuff. I think they all loved the circus, but it was Liam's nap time and so he just went out at 12:30. He woke up as we were leaving. So a 30 min. nap and we were off to another party. This one was for my cousin Ashley's little boy, Reese. I forgot to take any pictures but they all had a great time playing with balloons and helping Reese with the gifts. He got lots of Power Rangers and really didn't want to open any after he opened one Power Ranger. After some cake and hanging out with everyone it was time to go home. Liam desperately needed a nap even though it was 4:45. So off he went to bed and slept till almost 7 which meant he probably wasn't going down for bed until 11 or so. Sunday I was 32 weeks along. No more rash, the one dose of Zyrtec worked and I am having Braxton Hicks contractions more frequently and longer ones as of yesterday. I go to the Dr. tomorrow and she might need to actually make sure I am not dilating already. Anyway so we went to church, hung out at my parents and grandparents house until time for my baby shower. Kasie threw it for me at her house. I didn't bring my camera to this because well I couldn't find my set of keys and was in a panic. I hate it when I can't find something. It drives me insane. Joe gave me his key and so off to the shower we went. It was wonderful. I wasn't expecting as many people to show up because of all the other functions everyone has going on at this time of the year, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Tons of gifts, including this hair bow holder that Kristen made Chloe,
and a metal chandelier that my parents got for Chloe's room. This is what her closet looks like right now.
That girl has so many clothes. After the shower we headed straight for a church Christmas party. So all the ladies that had been to my shower had to go home make their food and head to this party. So thanks to all of you for the shower even though we all had to be somewhere else very soon after. I feel very loved. So that was our weekend recap and I think we are taking it easy for today. Oh and the keys, well my mom found them. Guess where they were? Well I didn't lose them, some how Liam got them off the chest and put(hide) them in Opie's(our basset hounds) stocking. Mom just happen to pick it up and thought it felt a little heavy. Thanks mom and Liam no more hiding my keys.