Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One week old!

Liam at the hospital. Chloe at the hospital. I think they look a lot alike.

Yesterday Chloe was one week old. She had her check up and now weighs 7 pounds and some how she shrunk?! Her length was 21 1/4 in the hospital and yesterday she was 20 1/4. So we will just have to measure ourselves and see which one she really is. I would like to know for sure. Anyway we switched her formula to Gentlease because her pooping hasn't been very good. We will see if that helps her out. Everything else looked good to the dr. She might have a little jaundice but not enough to even check her levels. She was getting in some afternoon sun bathing yesterday. We did this with Liam.
Here is a picture of him at one week and her is a picture of her at one week doing the same but she choose the opposite side. How funny! Everything is going great with Liam welcoming a little sister. He really loves and adores her. I couldn't have ask for a better son. His sleep has been disrupted at night so we rearranged his room and put a air purifier in there for some white noise and so far he has slept through the night for the past two. He woke up once yesterday at 2:30 but whined himself back to sleep after 3 mins which was great. Then today he didn't wake up till 8:15 so he is finally catching up on his sleep as well. We have been so blessed by our house church. They have brought us dinners since last week. I love not having to worry about what we need to cook. Thanks house church. We feel very loved!


The Huffman's said...

They do look alike! How precious. He was so sweet with her the other day when we came over, I was surprised he could be so gentle! If Blake has said it once, he's said it a hundred times that he thinks Liam wants so company! haha He says Let's go see your cousin Linsey. He's so funny!