Monday, January 26, 2009


Today I took the kids to the doctor for their check-ups. We missed Liam's 18 month because he had been sick and Chloe had to go get weighed again to make sure she was back up to birth weight. I knew she was getting heavier but wasn't sure if she would be back up already. Well she surpassed her birth weight already. Now she is 7pounds 12.9oz. She is taking 4oz every three hours so I am sure she will be just as big as her brother. He was almost 13 pounds by his 2 month check up so we will see what Chloe is by then. Liam's check up went great. They wanted to know if he knew at least 4 words. Oh my goodness! He knows way more than that some of them you can't understand but at least 30 of them you can so I was pleasantly surprised that is all he was suppose to be saying. His weight was still 30pounds and height 35 inches. His head was 19 1/8 inches. So this time everything was on the chart instead of off the chart. But she did say to expect a growth spurt very soon. One of our neighbors (whom we didn't know) check us in at the doctors office and it just so happens she has a son who is probably 12 or so whose name is Liam. So their is two Liam's in Saline County now. I couldn't believe that. Anyway two doctor visits, one mommy, two kiddos, and a double stroller and we were done by 9:00. Record time I would think. Now they are both snoozing away and I am so in love with my children!!!!


The Huffman's said...

Blake was looking at this picture and he thought it was of himself! haha