Monday, February 23, 2009


As of Friday Chloe is now on Nutramigen. I took her in because she just would scream unless she was on my chest. I really thought it was colic, but turned out she had some microscopic amounts of blood in her stool. Thank goodness she happened to have a bowel movement right before the dr came in. He put her on Nutramigen and she is so happy now, smiling and cooing. She still has her moments but nothing compared to the screams that were coming out of her little body. I just feel bad that I made it out to be colic for 2 weeks and it was formula. She is also taking Zantac twice a day. Oh and her weight was 10lbs and 8oz. She has gained 3 lbs in less than 6 weeks. I am wondering how big my children would have been at full term! Anyway Liam is still doing great with her . He has taken on this "chore" that we didn't initiate. It is getting Opie (our basset hound) his dog food. He has to get the cup with Joe and go out to the carport scoop the food up and come in the kitchen dumped the food in his bowl and he just thinks he is the biggest thing. I must say it is great seeing him so excited when he does this. Now he has a real fish, not minnows, a beta. Joe bought him a blue one yesterday and the names he calls it are "Bubbles", "Neno", and "Tane" we have no clue where that came from but he said it over and over. I go tomorrow for my 6 week check up and hopefully everything is good with me. And this blog isn't going private now but if we get anymore creepy comments then I will have to for my sanity. I will have Joe post some pictures tomorrow.