Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh My!!!!

My sweet little girl is still having problems. Well not today but yesterday and all the days before that. We thought we had gotten everything under control but she just kept acting like she was truly hurting. The zantac ended up making her have a few breathing spells. She would spit up after having it and start gulping for air, thick saliva, and then rapid breathing after I suctioned her out. This would last for almost 5 mins, not something she needs to be doing. Joe got sick with this virus that is like the flu on Thursday and then by Saturday morning Liam and I had it. He was running 102 and I started running 104. So scary! Mom came and picked up Chloe that morning so we could all rest. One of the best doctors called us in something at 7 on a Saturday. Thanks so much!! So we were all on Tamaflu, Zpack, Tylenol and ibuprofen and finally Monday no one ran fever. Anyway when my mom had her she did the same breathing thing after the zantac and scared my mom also. So discontinued using that for a few days to see how things went. Well not so great. She was still screaming after a bottle, clenched fists, legs up and down , no consoling her. It is so terrible to see you child like that and know that you have to go back to the doctor because there is not a thing that can help her. So Monday I can't get an appointment but they say on Tuesday her dr. will be in and he will probably call her in a new reflux med. Tuesday comes and diarraeh. She is only 7 weeks and that just isn't right. No appointments were available but they fit me in . Thank you God!!! He got to see her drink her bottle and saw how miserable she was and told me we were going to do a few things. First urine anaylis, chest xray, belly xray, prevacid, new formula, bm anaylis. xrays came back normal no aspirating , urine- great, bm- not so good, blood in stool again!!!!! So could possibly be an ulcer causing all of this or allergic to that formula. so now we need to have an ultrasound done of her belly. If they see something then we will have to go to a GI doctor and probably have a scope put down her. When I got home my mom and dad went everywhere looking for these formulas, Neocate and Pregestimil, No one has it in Benton or Bryant unless you order it. So Joe picked up her prevacid and we gave her it in her next bottle. Same screaming hurting fits. Finally calms down after 3 hours and goes to sleep on my chest wakes up right when I am about to go to sleep- give her another bottle and oh my goodness she is relaxed, no clenched fists, no arching her back or legs drawing up. Ahhhh..... spits up but doesn't care. Goes to sleep on me till 5:50. Same thing with the next bottle except this time she stays awake and starts cooing and smiling at me. She spits up and smiles. I can't tell you how I have been longing for her to smile again. So I called the doctor this morning to explain what is going on today and they are wanting me to bring a diaper in tomorrow and test it for blood and if it is okay we can continue with Nutramigen and prevacid, if not new formula and ultrasound scheduled. I told someone last night that I think I was dehydrated from crying so much. New moms or moms who already have kids trust your gut and keep going back to the doctor and explaining what is going on. Tomorrow I will take the diaper and let everyone know what we will be doing. A HUGE THANKS to Joe's mom for staying with the kids everytime I have needed her during the day and for fixing me Chicken and rice, chocolate chip cookies. She came today so Liam and I could go on a date to the post office, sold clothes on ebay making over $200, wha-who!!, and then we went to the library. Chloe just smiled at her the whole time she said she is a totally different little girl.


Kristi said...

Great news! I hope she stays doing good. What all did you sell on e-bay and make $200. That is good.

The Huffman's said...

Bless your heart honey! I know how tired I am and Kate isn't sick. I can only imagine how you must feel. If you need ANYTHING don't hesitate to call me. I am home everyday so if you need me to come get Liam or anything else let me know. I love you and I'm glad Chloe is feeling a little better!