Thursday, March 5, 2009

Same thing

Well first thing this morning my mom came to get Chloe's diaper to take it for me. I called them at 2:30 to check on it and yes there was still blood in her stool, but I was not suppose to bring a diaper in for 2 weeks. The nurse and the dr had said 2 days so needless to say that was pointless. The prevacid needs time to heal the inside. On March 24 we go for her 2 month check up and they will test it then. If at that time there is still blood then we move to new formula and schedule the ultrasound. Please pray for healing . She is doing so much better. Oh and our little miss priss or "Chloe Bug" rolled over from tummy to back today. And she is weighing in at 11pounds 12oz.


Cori Lynn said...

Linsey your babies are just too cute. I will keep Chloe in my prayers :)