Monday, February 9, 2009

Tutu's and Big boy bed

The other day I tried Chloe's tutu on her that her MawMaw gave her. It says 12 months but looked like it runs a little small. Anyway I had fun taking some pictures of her in it. I don't think she enjoyed it as much as I did. Saturday Joe heard Liam crying to get out of bed and then a few mins later there was a thud. Well he finally did it. He climbed out of bed but fell so we decided to just take the side off and make it into a toddler bed. Well he loved it without the side. So we figured it was just time to make it into a full size. So Joe went and bought the mattress and started setting up his bed. Well our "convertible crib" turned out to be missing a part and the store we bought it from is no longer there. So we had to just use the headboard. Which is fine but we spent a lot of money on the crib so it could grow with him. Anyway Shannon already had this cowboy bedding so all I had to go buy was some sheets. He really didn't know what to think about it. Slept great the first night but last night I put a nightlight in there just incase he woke up and he did at 4:30 and came running out of his room. So no more nightlight! We weren't planning on moving him out of the crib till he was two because he was really outgrowing the crib and I just knew one day I would be putting him in bed and his legs would be hanging out of the bars. I know he will adjust soon.
Yesterday we took Liam to see his two Pawpaw's and MeMe because they went fishing at Hurricane Lake. We wanted him to see the boat and fish. He was saying "Boat and Fishy" the whole ride there.

Now we have 3 pet Minos? I know they will die soon but he loves playing with them. I was feeding Chloe this morning and found him giving them crackers, toothpaste, and tickling them with a feather. He was saying "Neno" That is what he calls Nemo and so he named them "Neno, DD," he can't say Marlin but Joe named the other one Marlin. And some other things he did this week

  • colored on the wall
  • colored his drum
  • colored his duck
  • put money in the dvd/vcr
  • colored with sidewalk chalk on Joe's car
It seems like he just needed to get out the not so obedient Liam out!! I don't mind it as long as it washes off or comes out without much effort.


Jay and Kristen said...

Ok I just have to say this blog made me laugh so hard. I know it is frustrating, for you, but just think of the joy it brings other people. LOL. Oh and Chloe looks so cute in her tutu. We also had to take the night light out of Jayci's room for a while because the shadows scared her.