Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny Pictures

Here is Chloe at 3 months

Liam's Bunny picture last year

This years Easter Bunny picture. Is it me or does that bunny look like he belongs in a horror movie instead of taking pictures with children?!

Okay now on to a not so funny ,at the time, story. Last month I took Liam to the library and we did our usual thing, books, movies, storytime, etc. then I put him in his carseat as we were getting ready to go home and I realized as the door was closing that my keys and phone are in the expedition and Liam had pushed the lock button. OH NO!!! Luckily Joe was home with Chloe and came quickly. I had to borrow someones cellphone. Liam was mad at me but he was fine other than that. Well today the same thing happened, this time we were loading up to go run some errands with all three kids. He locked the doors and my keys and phone were in the car again. UGH!!! I was trying to get him to unlock it but he could careless. But I had Emily! She got the keys looked for the clicker we have two, one is to the Charger and the other to the expedition. she unlocked the charger. Darn. We tried for 5 mins and I finally went through my backdoor, which happened to be unlocked from us playing outside earlier, got the phone and had to call my inlaws- not home, my mom, and finally 911. Oh how I dreaded doing that but they were going to start to get hot. Okay so I am on the phone with 911 and Emily found the correct clicker but kept pushing the red panic button which made her start to cry. I stayed on the phone and try to keep coaching her on which button. I said the one with the U. remember she is working on her letters. She pushed it and so no emergency personal was needed. She saved the day and YES I have learned my lesson. Keys ,will have extras with people and keep them in my POCKET!! Oh now the funny part. Liam had climbed all in the truck while this was going on. In the very back was his racecar from Christmas. He got in it and was yelling "Hey Mommy, Bye , Love you, see you later, and honking the horn. " I love him dearly but man he can help me get into some binds. Hope you enjoy a good laugh.


Kristi said...

OMG, what an experience! Thank goodness for Emily and you teaching her the alphabet. That Easter bunny is very scary and horrible looking. I can't believe Liam went to him. I love Chloe's 3 month picture. That outfit and flower are too cute!