Monday, April 13, 2009

Milk allergy!!!

We went to the GI doctor today and she didn't have blood today but mucus. So we are to keep doing what we are doing and only test her diaper in one month if we see mucus. He determined she is allergic to lactose. No testing done!!!! Well we have to have a swallow study done on the Wednesday May 26th. But that is not that big of a deal. So no scope or formula change. If she starts showing blood where we see it with our eyes then we will have to change her formula. She was one ounce shy of 16 pounds. Yeah!!! I am so thankful for all the prayers. I really didn't worry to much about it, so thank you. He did say read labels very carefully and don't let anyone feed her anything. Just us. So she won't get to try candy and cookies at 6 months like Liam did. But I am sure she will be okay with that. Now I have to say how proud Liam makes me. I work with him and Emily all the time on things. She is recognizing so many of her letters and knows how to spell her name and some other things that she really gets excited about. Liam counted 1-10 today for me. He is also singing some songs and I wish we had a camera that I could record him with and put it on the Internet. I might have to borrow his paw paw James' so you can hear how precious he sounds. Right now his favorites are "C is for cookie","I love Trash", "Worthy is the Lamb"- which we sang at church yesterday and my mom looked back at him and started laughing because he had his eyes closed and was over exaggerating his "HOLY, HOLY" . hopefully I can get this on video soon!!!