Monday, April 6, 2009

ENT here we come

Friday I took Chloe in to the Dr. again!!! She has had this weird breathing thing going on for a while. We'll ever since she was born. Sounds like she is gasping while drinking her bottle and then anytime she is just breathing it is so loud. A few people told me it didn't sound right and so I took their advice and went in to see a doctor. Thank you to everyone of you!! We videoed it so I could take that in to show that she does do it all day everyday. I thought my luck would be that she wouldn't do it while we were at the office. He said it sounds like Tracheomalacia or Laryngomalacia. Which means loud breathing, could just be that the cartilage over the trachea or larynex is flopping instead of rigid so every time she breaths it sounds like stridor. Liam has stridor really bad when he has croup so hers just isn't as severe as his sounds. The good news is this is usually outgrown. It may take up to 36 months or you could have to have surgery which wasn't even discussed because he thinks she will outgrow this. But just to be in case he scheduled her an appointment with the ENT at Children's. I really didn't think it would be this soon but they called me this morning to let us know that her appointment is tomorrow at 12:15 so say a pray that this is something she will outgrow. Joe is taking off half a day so he can go with me. I was told all they have to do is a little scope that is the size of a spaghetti noodle to see where it is actually located at. I have read a blog that daughter had this plus multiple other things and they happened to have a few videos of what she sounds like on youtube. If you are curious to know what it sounds like just go to youtube and type in stridor or tracheomalacia and it will take you to these videos. Chloe's isn't as loud as some of these on there. oh and she had gained a full pound since last weeks checkup. Now she weighs 15 pounds 2.4 oz. Goodness!!