Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is what Chloe has. We have a name to the noise. Joe and I took her in to Children's to the ENT at 12:15. They are fast and wonderful. She was 15 pounds 7 oz so she is still gaining weight which is great news. We met with the nurse first who explained everything that was going to happen and then our doctor came in and did the scope. They put numbing medicine up her nose which she wasn't fond of and then wrapped her up and held her as he put the tube through her nose down her throat. Joe and I watched on the screen and were right in the room the whole time. He was talking some to his nurse and then he told us after he is done he will explain into details what he sees. It didn't take more than 2 mins if even that to do this. First her nose is wet and small, nose spray for the wetness- Nasacort , second the vocal cords are big, too big to open up all the way, Laryngomalacia a moderate case of it. She will grow out of it by the age of 3 . So yes she really might be this noisy until then. the Trachea and esophagus were perfect. He did put her on Simply Thick to help with the gulping while drinking and reflux. Also we are going to be taking her in to have a swallow study done. They didn't explain it to me but I ask a friend whose girls went through it and I feel good knowing what all they do. So our visit was great at Children's wonderful hospital and staff. Now the hard part! She has blood in her stools again. I took a diaper in yesterday because I saw what looked like coffee grounds. That could be from her prevacid or blood, so they said that was probably the prevacid but that it did test positive for blood. UGH!!!!! I didn't cry until I got out to the car. I thought the formula was the fix for that. Now we are confused again with what to do. Her pediatrician called me and said we have to go to the G I doctor at Children's which could take a while maybe 3 or so months. I can't have her continuing to bleed for somewhere in her body for that much longer but there is nothing that I can do but pray. I know they are dealing with kids who are even more worse off than Chloe but I just wish it wasn't that long of a wait. They will call me soon to tell me the appointment day. Until then we just have to keep doing what we have been. I just wish it was a quick fix and we knew exactly what the problem is. He doesn't have a clue since she is having blood again. We just thought it was milk allergy. So it could be an ulcer or who knows what else. I really am trying not to worry or get to upset but she is our child and I just don't like knowing she is bleeding from somewhere in that body. She will be 3 months on Easter and Liam turned 22 months last Sunday. Wow they are growing up so fast. We had their picture taken with the Easter Bunny last Saturday so as soon as I pick up the picture I will put it on here. Until then pray for my little girl and the doctors and the scheduling.