Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chloe's baby story- this is for me so I don't forget

So as most of you know I had been having lots of contractions for a couple of weeks and was put on Brethine. This did slow them down some what and kept her in longer. On Tuesday the 6th I was taken off of it because it doesn't do much good over 36weeks. On Sunday the 11th I stayed at my grandparents/parents house while Joe and my dad went to watch Valkyrie? Contractions every 4 mins. They got home and we ate Taco Bell and went to Kroger to get a few things just incase we were going to be in the hospital I wanted Liam to have all his favorites at our house. Anyway they were 3 mins for almost 3 hours. Even after a bath, 5 glasses of water, and laying on my left side. This is when they got intense and we decided it was time to go. Liam was already asleep in his bed so my parents came to stay while we checked in to make sure it was the real thing. We arrived at the ER at 10:27pm and I was in a #313 Labor and Delivery Room by 10:30pm. I was at a 3 and 50%. I was having contractions anywhere between every 2 mins and 4 mins. and dilating. She came in and broke my water at 8:15am. So I thought for sure by noon I would have her. I walked the halls and rocked in the rocking chair , but this didn't help.By 11 she started my pitocin and epidural which I really didn't want at that time because it still wasn't hurting that bad but my doctor call them in because she didn't want them to not be able to give me one. She had 2 c-sections to do. So 11:15 I get the epidural and am at 5cm and 80% effaced. Then after them bumping my pitocin up three times that is when it finally started to really change me. I was at a 7 and 100% effaced at 3 and by 3:50 ready to push. My epidural was gone. No meds were left so I did end up with how I wanted this delivery to go for the most part. Felt all of it!!!!! I do recommend it if you think you want to experience it. Anyway my nurse told me to push which I did and could feel pressure and her head coming down. I wasn't at a full ten so they made me stop for a few mins and they went to get everything set up. So I thought that meant call my doctor to come on it. Well they said she will be here in 2 mins after they call. They wanted to see a few good pushes. Well her head crowned after 3 or 4 and they again said stop. Ugh...nope my body was pushing her out. Everyone was telling me to breathe and my mom stepped to the side to film but all of a sudden she stopped filming and was right back to me. Something wasn't right for my mom to do that. Chloe started coming out and was grayish purplish and my doctor was basically there to deliver Chloe's butt and legs because there was no way I could keep her shoulders in. So basically my nurse delivered Chloe. Born at 4:36pm 7lbs 9 oz, 21 inches(they measured her wrong).She didn't cry but I did. Joe was great the whole time. I could hear him just telling me great job and breathe. I don't remember much except they were sucking gunk out and it ended up being 8cc. Her coloring got pink except for her forehead and up. It was bruised bad. She also had a little hemorrhage in her left eye. They let me hold her for a few mins but I wanted her to go to the nursery then and get worked on something just didn't seem right. They brought her back to me around 5 only 25mins after she was born and she was grunting. I thought she was cooing but then something just kept telling me she wasn't suppose to be doing that. Well she had more fluid in her lungs come to find out. I was an emotional wreck. Could not stop crying for the longest. They moved me to a postpartum room #323 around 6:30 and then I went to the nursery at 8 and couldn't hold her just touch. Which made me cry even harder.Finally I told Joe to go on home and get Liam ready for bed and my mom came up. At 10:45 I wanted to take a shower and just calm down. I heard the phone ringing and it was the nurse wanting me to come in the nursery for a feeding. Chloe was done grunting! I was so excited. My mom hadn't really got to see or touch her so they let her come in the room for a few mins. I fed her 9ml of formula and she was off to sleep some more. I went to my room and tried my hardest to go to sleep but it was so hard to whined down. At 2am I was awaken by the night nurse and she had Chloe . She had a monitor on for her pulse and oxygen levels. I was instructed not to feed her because she had spit up some. Then at 5 or 6 the nursery nurse came in and I ask her when I could feed her and she said I should have already done that. Well needless to say I was not to happy with my night nurse! But all is well so I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Mom went to work and Joe dropped Liam off at my sisters so he could play all day. We had a few visitors but not to many. A lot of people had to work, were sick, and I had ask for most to give my some time to get my emotions worked out. I was a wreck and tired. So my doctor came in to check on me and so did Chloe's they took her off the monitor around 2pm and we just needed to wait a little while longer to see how she did. At 8pm we were discharged and off to our house we went. And that is Chloe's baby story.