Monday, May 18, 2009


My mom took these the other night while she babysat so we could go to Joe's softball game. I love this little girl so much! She is a little over 4 months now and amazes me everyday. Some of you know that Joe is having to find another job because as of July 22 that is his last paycheck. The day after we found this out she let out this laugh. She hadn't laughed until then. I couldn't have cared less what was going on I just needed that! Lots of other things keep happening and without going into all of the details Joe and I just feel like it is always something. Our expedition wouldn't start the other day, thought it was the alternator again or battery- my dad and mom took it to someone to have it looked at for us and thank goodness it was just the connection was bad because of the battery acid. Then my vacuum just died, I have been using the shop vac to clean my floors works great but hard on my back. Joe bought me a vacuum today!! Then our mower died... working on that one now. Oh and our dryer went out about a month ago. Ha, do you see what I am saying. I asked "what else will happen?" well I won't ever ask that again. But some praises are our health, our children's health- Neither child has had to go to the doctor for over a month now!!!!Check ups and swallow study are next week so please pray for Chloe during this. Liam is doing great. Saying every word- maybe we can't understand them but he tries so hard. I didn't realize that he is starting to really think, like logically.. such as today we were outside and he sees the moon and says "The sun is in(he meant out) (he also had this puzzled face)the moon is in? Night night moon?" So I told him sometimes the moon is out when the sun is and I really don't know why but he didn't need an answer he just was confused. This might not seem like a big thing, but to me this is my kid is starting to figure things out without us pointing them out. Does that make sense? He is so infatuated with earthworms. EVERYDAY we have to dig for worms. We do have a ton of them and seriously find about 30 before he will put them back on the dirt so we can find them all over again later. Okay back to Joe's job, he interviewed with Little Rock Christian and Clinton. LRC is still interviewing and Clinton offered him the job (they have their school board meeting tonight I think) he is hoping to get an interview with Bauxite soon, but as of now it looks like we will be moving to Clinton. Which he is excited about and I am getting there, just leaving will be the hard part, maybe we won't have to. Anyway and this is a picture of Liam and some girls from our house church. The girls were dressing up and Liam wanted to and I am more than okay for letting him some he started twirling around it was hilarious. He didn't keep it on for long though.


Kristi said...

OMG, I can't believe you might be moving several hours away. Guess maybe that is just a door God is opening for yal. Just keep praying, we are!