Friday, July 31, 2009


This week we went to Branson. We stayed at Castle Rock Resort, it was fun for both of the kids. They really cater to all ages, Chloe loved splashing in the pool more than anyone. She would put her face in the water and come up laughing or sneezing?! Once she sucked it up her nose and wanted out for a while. Liam had a good time on the slides. He is so accident prone though, the first incident happened when he stepped on a grill like thing that covered a drain, Joe thought he stumped his toe but it turns out that it pinched it. The next incident happened when he fell down the steps of the frog slide, he cut his hand on the nonslip tape. But he was back to normal in no time. We did a little bit of shopping and eating but mainly relaxing. It was a great minivacation. To end the vacation Liam and I had a pillow fight, He won. Chloe stayed on the other bed and was practicing crawling, she is up on all fours rocking, last week she was just pushing herself backwards, this week she is up. We were watching toddlers and tiaras or something like that and Liam would say "whoa" and give us high fives, I guess he thought one of them was pretty. It was funny.