Monday, July 20, 2009

Snow in July!!!

Snow in July!!! Not exactly, I have to D-E-F-R-O-S-T our refrigerator, Liam loved that there was snow in our fridge so I seized the opportunity to let him play in it. We tried to make snowmen but he would just destroy them. I can't wait for his first snow up here. My parents got all the grandkids sleds last year and we didn't even get a chance to use them, I have high hopes for this year. Liam is also potty training. I think he is doing great, we went to Conway the other day and he even went twice in the restaurants restroom. Yeah Liam!! He loves underwear and if he happens to tinkle in them then he knows they go into the washer.

Now onto Miss Chloe. This girls is doing much better than this time last week. She is loving all the fruits she has eaten now and I finally have her eating rice cereal with them. She hated it by itself. Now we are going to have to be sneaky with her veggies. Chloe will gag until she is about to throw up all the food if we give her any veggies other than squash. She started waving to herself yesterday and then this morning she was flapping her arms and I assume this was her waving to
me. Not crawling yet, but very very close.

This picture is from this morning when I left her in the seat (unbuckled) . Liam needed my help in the bathroom because he almost fell in the toilet so I ran to help him and by the time I got back I watched as my daughter was wiggling out of her seat and then proceeded to turn around. She looked like she had done this a million times. I told mom I think my hands are about to get much more full.
These are just some pictures we took after church yesterday. We did visit a church and it went well. Liam already had made a friend, Jansen, one of the coaches almost 3 year old daughter, so he went to play with her when he started getting active in church. I checked out the class Chloe would be in if we went there and it was very nice. Just wasn't ready for her to go yet.


Cori Lynn said...

Your kids are sooo cute!! Hope you and the fam is adjusting well to your new town!

Family American Style. said...

Very cute post. My son has never seen real snow. Take a look at what I'm posting today.